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Since 2008, Cuza Ltd has been making importing from China easy for foreign importers by providing a one-stop solution that offers everything your business needs. From sourcing factories to negotiation, contracting, quality assurance, purchasing, quality control, logistics, etc.

What Services We Offer

Your Sourcing Agent in China

Our approach to sourcing has helped us grow both our clients and Cuza Ltd as a business resulting in millions of dollars of qualified, quality products being brought to market. At Cuza Ltd we are passionate about sourcing, because we know that if we do this well, our clients do well and business grows!


At Cuza Ltd, we know that no amount of quality control or factory management will in itself, turn a bad factory, producing below par quality, into a good factory. It just doesn’t happen. Unless you source the right manufacture for the product your importing from day one, your chances of success will be severely limited. At Cuza Ltd we know sourcing the right supplier means finding a manufacture that is capable, ethical, experienced, knows your market, has capacity, can meet your price points, and equally values your business. Getting all of those lined up is not easy


Purchasing correctly can lead to great rewards for your business. Do it wrong, and you leave your business wide open to negligence & abuse! When it comes to purchasing, at Cuza Ltd we ensure that we are only purchasing direct from manufactures we have verified.

Sampling and Quality Assurance

At Cuza Ltd we are passionate about getting the sample right via our Quality Assurance process. We know that its imperative to iron out every problem at the ‘sample stage’ to ensure that problems are not mass produced in production. The product specifications, how the product assembles, the instructions, packaging and general customer experience all need to be developed, finalized and recorded before placing a production order to the China manufacture.

Quality Control

Importing from China is like a one way street, goods are exported, but even if there are major quality issues, they can’t be imported back into China. This means, any ‘quality mistake’ the factory has made, you (the importer) are going to be stuck with it. So the right time to discover ANY quality issues is while the goods are still at the factory in China. If you catch the problem here, your chance of resolving the issue is high and this can save your business money. This is why, quality control on any and every shipment is a must for any business importing from China.


For customers who purchase products using Cuza Ltd, we offer a complete logistics and shipping solution in China. When we formed Cuza Ltd, our vision was to make importing from China ‘Easy’ including shipping goods from the factory floor, delivering to the door, with minimal fuss and at the most competitive rates. Over the years, along with our preferred freight partners, Cuza Ltd established a process offering customers exactly that!

Factory Tours

Face to face meetings with your China supplier can be invaluable to your business. Greater communication, developing & building relationships, building a common understanding can often lead to great successes. At Cuza Ltd, there are various ways that we can either assist our customers with their trips to China, or if your unable to travel, as your buying office we can do these on your behalf, here’s how:

Best Reasons To Choose Our Services

Product Sourcing in China using a professional agent to source the best manufacture for you.

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We Can Inspire And Transform Your Business

Throughout our company history, we’ve worked with almost every type of product, so we know exactly how we can add value to your business. Home, garden, furniture, construction materials, textiles, pet products, sports equipment are some of our major product categories – you name it, we’ve done it!


We combine sourcing & quality assurance processes to ensure our customers successfully bring their product to market.


Our experienced professionals are able to find the right manufacture at the right price point every time.


All purchases we make are done so via a contract, which is valid under Chinese law. The final product specifications, payment terms, quality standards, warranty claims/returns, lead times and agreed performance penalties are all included.


We negotiate deposits from 0% – 30% and the purchase will not be complete until our final Quality Control assessments have taken place and we can confirm that all the terms of the contract have been delivered on.


Cuza Ltd Quality Assurance Process means we can develop samples in a professional saving your business the development time and costs of airmailing samples internationally.


Taking no short cuts to prior to production, you can be confident when your import arrives it meets both yours, and your customers expectations.

Buy Direct from China Safely

Purchasing correctly can lead to great rewards for your business. Do it wrong, and you leave your business wide open to negligence & abuse! When it comes to purchasing, at Cuza Ltd we ensure that we are only purchasing direct from manufactures we have verified.


Auditing manufactures, doing Quality Assurance prior to production, mid production inspections, pre-shipment inspections, container load inspections


All steps are carried out by our highly experienced team of Quality Inspectors, guaranteeing our customers to import from China with minimal risk!


Between Cuza Ltd & our freight partners, get a complete door to door service with no hidden costs – giving you, the importer, full control.


Understand shipping and logistics costs with Cuza Ltd’s ‘landed quote’ before you even place your order – giving you, the importer, full control!


At Cuza Ltd, we are highly experienced at arranging factory tours both with and without our importers being in China.


China trade shows are a great way to source new suppliers, meet existing suppliers and generally keep a pulse on how the industry is going, there is always something new and trade shows are where you see it first!

Work Process

As a buying office our approach is to make sure that we have maximum control over the supply chain in order to deliver results for our customers who are importing from China.


Sourcing the right manufacturer in China is where your business success starts!


We’ll negotiate you the best possible price, but with a clear and agreed specification to meet your requirements.

Sampling & QA

We ensure that the product, assembly, instructions & packaging are all perfect before mass production.

Quality Control

Our complete Quality Management systems ensure that we only ship qualified products to you.


Using our contracted rates with our partners, all goods will be shipped to your door, landed at the best possible price.

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